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  • Why Organic?

    Are certified organic supplements worth it? The answer is a resounding YES! There are many factors that make incorporating organic food supplements into a healthy regimen worth it.

  • Bioactive Organics

    Futurebiotics organic products are designed using bioactive whole food ingredients that are grown and processed to preserve all of the critical enzymatically-active phytonutrients.

  • Futurebiotics

    This has been the mission of Futurebiotics since 1984. For over 25 years, Futurebiotics has been dedicated to creating products based on the latest science and research for good health. .

  • Did You Know?

    Futurebiotics employs a variety of special and unique growing, harvesting and processing techniques to ensure that our organic products are good for you and good for the environment.

  • Our certified organic acerola cherries come from eco-friendly small plot farms of 5 to 10 acres in size.

  • Heritage apple varieties have been around for millennia, evolving naturally - not through human manipulation.

  • Our super-potent fennel sprouts are sprouted from heritage seeds that have not been subject to commercial hybridization. Heritage seeds typically have higher nutritional values than hybridized seeds.

  • Our certified organic lemons are grown on family-owned organic farms without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

  • Our rare manuka honey comes from New Zealand. Hives are placed in the wilds of indigenous manuka groves where the manuka bush blooms just six weeks of the year.

  • Chlorophyll is the ingredient responsible for the green pigment that gives algae, grasses and select vegetables their vibrant color.

  • Carefully monitored during the growing process, our acerola cherries are handpicked when the color reveals their peak vitamin C content.

  • Our certified organic grasses are harvested from a high desert environment and are sown in both early spring and late autumn.

  • Like some animals, mushrooms are built from chitin. As a result, mushrooms are unique in that they are neither animal nor plant but are placed in the fungi kingdom.

  • Our wild cultivar fruits and berries have not been commercially hybridized for “sweetness” and “juiciness”— they maintain the original phytonutrient profiles nature intended.

  • Our certified organic spirulina grows in dedicated ponds as it is not uncommon for other algae to be mixed in with spirulina when harvested.

  • Our special cold-milling process breaks down the chitinous fibers in the soft cell walls of the mushroom mycelia to make them fully digestible.
  • Our grass juices dry as mist drifting down through CO2 in a 100-foot tower at 35o F. No heat. No oxygen.
  • All of the raw-food sprouts used by Futurebiotics are grown from certified organic, high-quality seeds that are hand-picked with a high germination rate.
  • Meticulous cold processing and careful handling helps preserve 100% of the natural antioxidants and inherent phytochemicals of our super fruits.
  • The colorful apple peel not only protects the apple, it also provides 95% of the apple’s key phytonutrients such as polyphenols and flavonoids.
  • Freeze-drying an herb consists of removing the ice crystals (water) from the herb, in a vacuum, after it is flash-frozen.
  • In order to help greatly reduce bacterial contamination, our certified organic herbs are grown using special nutrient-rich compost that is free of animal manure.
  • Our certified organic manuka honey is tested and verified to possess and provide the same antiseptic properties as a 15% phenol solution.
  • Our sprout seeds are allowed to sprout only for a few days – just enough for the seed to sprout – but before the green leaf emerges.
  • Vacuum drying uses little heat and is a better, completely additive-free process compared to spray drying.
  • Our juices – grass, vegetable, fruit – contain absolutely no additives or carriers such as maltodextrin.