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100% Certified Organic. 100% Vegetarian. 100% Pure.

100% Certified Organic. 100% Vegetarian. 100% Pure.

Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green algae powerhouse that is an incredible source of densely packed, broad-spectrum nutrition, providing chlorophyll, protein, carotenoids, and other phytonutrients and plant pigments that define green foods.  In fact, algae contain more chlorophyll than any other source.  Chlorophyll is the ingredient responsible for the green pigment that gives algae, grasses and select vegetables their vibrant color.   And, by weight, Spirulina provides more protein than any other substance on earth.

Spirulina requires water, warmth and sunlight to grow.  In addition, spirulina must be fed nutrients, primarily nitrogen, which may or may not be vegetarian, in order to grow and thrive.  Futurebiotics certified organic spirulina is 100% vegetarian.  This includes all aspects of the nutrient feed, too, as no animal waste or by-products are used during the growing process.

It is not uncommon for other algae to be mixed in with spirulina when harvested.  Futurebiotics certified organic spirulina is grown in dedicated ponds where only spirulina is grown to ensure that the harvested spirulina is 100% pure, with absolutely no contamination from other algae or any other organisms.  Furthermore, dedicated ponds allow the control of the pH environment during the growing process.  An intense filtration washing system using purified water is employed during processing to further guarantee the spirulina is clean and pure.

You can find spirulina that is 100% certified organic, 100% vegetarian and 100% pure in Futurebiotics Certified Organic Active Eyes™, Bioactive Antioxidant™ and Digestive Greens™ products.

  • Hand Crafted

    Hand Crafted

    Extra care in every step

    Each Futurebiotics certified organic ingredient is hand crafted to maintain and preserve the natural enzyme activity and phytochemical profile of each food ingredient. Whether it is our heritage apples, cultivar fruits & berries, 100% pure spirulina or raw grass juices, each is specially hand crafted to exacting standards to assure purity and potency. And our caring doesn't stop there. It extends throughout the harvest, processing and manufacturing steps employed in every Futurebiotics Certified Organic supplement, too. Guaranteed.

  • 100% Vegetarian

    100% Vegetarian

    Just like Nature intended

    Each Futurebiotics certified organic ingredient is 100% vegetarian. This includes all grass and fruit juices, every vegetable and herb, The full array of whole super fruits and berries, and each mushroom mycelium and algae. In fact, even the nutrients that are fed to our 100% pure spirulina are 100% vegetarian. They are 100% vegetarian supplements from 100% vegetarian ingredients.

  • Certified Organic

    Certified Organic

    Putting the "Certified" in Organic

    Not every product on the market that says "organic" is certified organic. In fact, many supplement formulas only include one or two ingredients that are organic, while the rest are not organic at all. And, even if every ingredient in a supplement product is "made from organic ingredients," most supplements don't meet the stringent manufacturing and certification standards required to earn the distinction to call their products USDA Certified Organic.

    At Futurebiotics, every single ingredient in every single Futurebiotics Certified Organic product, without exception, is Certified Organic